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Two girls smiling with artifact project
Engaging Students

It's time for a trip to the 5th-grade museum! Even better, every artifact you see is made by the students themselves! At DCMS, we encourage our students to think outside the box and allow them to showcase what they've learned as often as we can.

Two girls making ice cream in a bag together
Unique Experiences

Beyond textbooks and tests: Learning becomes an adventure when students dive into unique projects and embrace exciting challenges!

Students enjoying presentation from Blue the mascot's handler
Making Learning Fun

Sometimes the best lessons are learned by coming together and having some fun. DCMS takes every chance we can to let our students work together as a team and grow beyond the classroom. 

Kids practicing controlling their lego cars
Creating Life-Long Learners

When students have the opportunity to apply what they've learned to unique projects, they are more likely to remember it down the line. We like to engage our students in creative projects to give them the chance to shine and better understand the material for life. 

Danville Community Middle School - The Warrior Way!


Be Respectful; Be Responsible, Be Reliable, Be Safe

The Warrior Way is how we define our expected interactions with one another at Danville Community Middle School. The Warrior Way is a high-character way of being and behaving in all we do. The Warrior Way makes the Danville Difference.


Welcome to Danville Community Middle School

Welcome and thank you for visiting our school’s site!

Danville Community Middle School welcomes approximately 800+ students into our fifth through eighth-grade classes each day. Our passion is to instill a love of learning! The middle school is structured around a team approach that makes a large school feel like a family, where connections and trust can be developed with students and parents alike.

The middle school has a prioritized focus on literacy through the use of the Into Reading Series in 5th grade and Amplify in grades 6 to 8. Additionally, students begin to further hone their speaking and listening skills through a variety of learning opportunities.  

In our math program, students are provided a balance between calculations of arithmetic and the concepts of mathematics, which provides our students with a base of skills to solve real-world, predictable, and unpredictable problems.  Teachers in all subject areas use a wide range of instructional strategies to meet the needs of our students using Reveal Math in grades 5 - 8.

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